Port Harcourt Airport Rocked by Protest, Disrupting Flights


Flights faced disruption at Port Harcourt International Airport as women from the Ipo community in Rivers State staged a protest, causing a two to three-hour halt in operations.

Dressed in black and brandishing placards highlighting their grievances, the demonstrators blocked the airport roundabout gate,as they brandished placards with various inscriptions some of which read: ‘What is our offence?’ ‘Over Seven Years of No NEPA Light,’ ‘No single access to mobile network,’ ‘No good access roads within Ipo community,’ among others.

The situation, which unfolded on March 27, 2024, affected departures as passengers were unable to enter the airport premises.

A source inside the airport revealed to our correspondent that departing flights were grounded due to the blockade imposed by the protesting women, resulting in a temporary halt in operations until approximately 8 am.

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Amid the chaos, Sergeant Awuse, the Chairman of the Rivers State Council of traditional rulers, intervened and pledged to address the community’s concerns alongside the airport management team.

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In an effort to resolve the impasse, Sergeant Awuse committed to visiting the Ipo community with the airport management team to assess and facilitate improvements.

Meanwhile,He urged the airport manager to assemble a team of airport personnel to accompany him on Friday for further discussions and actions.

However,Following the assurance from Sergeant Awuse and the prospect of constructive dialogue, the protesting women relented and reopened the gates to the airport, allowing operations to resume.


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