Portable Threatens to Kick Wife Out Over Birthday Caption


Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola, has issued a stern ultimatum to his wife, Bewaji Ewatomi, following a dispute over a birthday message she posted on social media.

Ewatomi, affectionately known as Mama Zeh, celebrated her birthday with a series of photos accompanied by the caption “self-made queen.” However, this seemingly innocuous phrase sparked outrage from her husband.

Portable, adamant that he is the driving force behind his wife’s success, demanded she remove the caption or face eviction from their home.

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In a public statement, the singer asserted, “If them dey call you strong woman na me make you strong, I don’t understand why you call yourself queen of yourself. It Is Either You Change Your Caption or You Pack Out of My House.”

The incident has stirred debate among fans, highlighting the complexities of relationships in the public eye and the power dynamics within them.

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