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Pounded cocoyam and Oha soup, the pride of Igbos


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Pounded Cocoyam and oha soup is a native delicacy from Eastern part of Nigeria. Preparing Pound Coco Yam with Oha Soup requires a few steps. Here’s a general guide on how to prepare this meal:

Poundo Cocoyam:
– Poundo cocoyam
– Water
– Pot
– Wooden spatula or turning stick

– Boil water in a pot.
– Slowly add the poundo cocoyam into the boiling water while stirring continuously to avoid lumps.
– Keep stirring until you achieve a thick consistency. The cocoyam should be soft and smooth.
Oha Soup:
– Beef, goat meat, or assorted meat
– Stockfish
– Palm oil
– Ground crayfish
– Onions
– Oha leaves
– Cocoyam (for thickening)
– Seasoning cubes
– Salt
– Pepper

Cooking Instruction
Prepare the Meat
– Wash and season your meat with salt, onions, and seasoning cubes. Cook until tender.
– Add the stockfish and continue cooking until everything is well done.

Prepare the Palm Oil Mix
– In a separate pot, heat palm oil and add chopped onions.
– Add ground crayfish, pepper, seasoning cubes, salt, and any other preferred seasoning.

Prepare the Oha Leaves
– Wash the Oha leaves thoroughly and slice them thinly. Set aside.

Mix and Cook
– Add the palm oil mix to the meat and stock.
– Mix in the cocoyam paste bit by bit until you achieve your desired thickness.

Add the Oha Leaves
– Finally, add the sliced Oha leaves to the pot. Stir gently and allow to simmer for a few more minutes.
– Serve the Poundo Cocoyam alongside the Oha Soup in bowls or plates.
– Enjoy your delicious Poundo Cocoyam with Oha Soup!

Remember, these are general guidelines for cooking Poundo Cocoyam with Oha Soup. You may adjust the ingredients and seasonings to suit your taste preferences. Enjoy your meal!


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