Reality TV Star, Saskay’s Boyfriend Clears Air On ‘Terrible Sex’ Leaked Chat


Chef Derin, Saskay’s boyfriend from Big Brother Naija, has spoken out regarding leaked chats discussing his past relationship struggles and breakup reasons.

The controversy erupted when Derin expressed frustration on Instagram about losing female friends due to his relationship with Saskay.

Subsequently, leaked chats from a friend of his ex-girlfriend surfaced online, alleging dissatisfaction with their sexual experiences and relationship dynamics.

However, Derin has refuted these claims, denouncing the leaked chats as fabricated.

He revealed a tumultuous period in his past relationship, citing issues of manipulation and emotional vulnerability.

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Derin emphasized his commitment to Saskay and her brand, expressing deep respect for her amidst the ongoing drama.

He wrote, “Never been the type to put my business online or respond to trolls but since you guys have decided to go low I’d go lower. I never dumped anyone, and I can tell you for a fact that all those chats are fake. Sometime last year, I had a serious issue with my ex. Same period Oreofe reached out to me via Twitter. We became friends, she noticed I was battling depression because I wasn’t over my ex and we were trying to work things. She created a burner account on snap and IG.

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“Only to tell me all sort of things about her, this is someone she has never met before or seen Her entire life. She manipulated me Into believing she has moved on and even went as far as telling me the new guy she was dating knowing fully well how vulnerable I am. That same period I met @OT_ she also stood there for me during my heart break. Oreofe was feeding me with false information for 3 months because she wanted to date me. Telling me things to damage me And at the same time she gives me a shoulder to cry on.

“When everything unfolded around October, I had to cut her off. Sam period I, Saskay and we started talking. She’s very much aware of everything I had gone through. Ever since then Oreofe and her friends has bee on a roll of’drag me down dirt. I even had to call my ex Funmi to apologise because I hated her fr months because I felt like didn’t deserve to be treated that way. It’s actually way too deeper than this, but I just need y’all to know I respect my girlfriend so much and her brand that why I’m responding.”

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