Ruth Kadiri Speaks on Junior Pope’s Tragic Death


In the wake of the tragic incident that claimed the life of Nollywood actor Junior Pope and four others, Ruth Kadiri, a fellow actress, has spoken out, addressing the criticisms leveled against movie producer Adanma Luke.

Junior Pope and his colleagues met their untimely demise in a boat accident while leaving a movie location in Anambra State.

Kadiri took to Instagram to express her sorrow, emphasizing that all filmmakers, including herself, are prone to taking risks in the pursuit of their craft.

She acknowledged the norm of late hours and the inherent risks involved in the film industry, urging restraint from casting blame during such a difficult time.

Kadiri extended gratitude to fellow industry members who stood by at the hospital, fighting for Junior Pope’s life.

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She wrote, “My heart is broken… as producers, as filmmakers we all are Guilty of taking certain risks for this job! Infact getting home at 3am is almost a norm in this business… I cannot throw stones, I cannot as ask why! 🥹 this is a call to reminder that passion doesn’t save lives… JP! May God receive your soul! And grant your family the heart to bear the loss!

“Special thanks to @emekarollas our president @regina.daniels @vivyan.gabriel and Regina’s mum! You where at the hospital at 2/3 am trying to see if anything can be done! Fighting for the last chance to save JP! God sees your hearts… sadly his journey ends here. 💔 God help us all.”

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