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Senate Showdown: Debate Over Seating Arrangements Ignites Chamber


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The Senate convened for its plenary session following a six-week recess, marking the inauguration of the newly renovated hallowed chamber, which underwent over two years of reconstruction.

Amidst the routine proceedings led by the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, tensions escalated as several senior members engaged in a heated dispute over seating arrangements.

The disagreement notably involved three distinguished Senators: Senator Danjuma Goje, a four-time representative of Gombe Central; Sahabi Yau, the Senator for Zamfara North.

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Both expressed dissatisfaction with the seating allocations, particularly the back seats assigned to them, and raised their concerns with the Majority Leader, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele.

In adherence to the established protocol of the upper legislative chamber, senators typically occupy seats based on their seniority. However, during a recent session, the seating arrangement failed to meet the expectations of some senators who felt aggrieved.

Following a heated exchange, Senator Kawu Sumaila, representing Kano South, attempted to raise a point of order but was disregarded.

The President of the Senate intervened to ease tensions after engaging in a slightly prolonged verbal exchange with Senators Bamidele, Yau, and Goje, who were at the center of the disagreement.

Encouraging the aggrieved senators to address their concerns directly with the Chair to alleviate the tension, the President proceeded to deliver his welcome address.

Shortly thereafter, the plenary session was adjourned to an executive session for further deliberations.


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