Senator Remi Tinubu Advocates Capital Punishment for Kidnappers


Nigeria’s First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has urged state governors and lawmakers to consider capital punishment for kidnappers.

Speaking during a meeting with national women leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja, Senator Oluremi Tinubu expressed deep concern over the rising cases of abduction targeting children and women, whom she described as the bedrock of the country’s progress.

Describing kidnappers as cowards, Senator Tinubu emphasized the need for decisive action, stating, “Once we take hold of them, they deserve capital punishment.”

Meanwhile,She highlighted the profound impact of such crimes on families, lamenting the loss of potential and the erosion of hope for the nation’s future.

Senator Tinubu’s call for stringent measures against kidnappers aligns with the Renewed Hope Agenda championed by President Bola Tinubu, which prioritizes the empowerment and protection of women. Recognizing the pivotal role of women in society, Senator Tinubu underscored the importance of their voices and contributions to national development.

Celebrating Nigerian women on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Senator Tinubu reiterated her commitment to the Renewed Hope Initiative (RHI), aimed at advancing women’s causes and fostering inclusive growth.

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Emphasizing the transformative power of women’s empowerment, she urged collective action to overcome economic and social barriers.

In response, the national women leaders,
led by its national leader, Dr Mary Alile; her deputy, Zainab Ibrahim, and members of the executive of the APC expressed gratitude for Senator Tinubu’s tireless efforts in uplifting the lives of Nigerians through various initiatives under the Renewed Hope Initiative.

They appealed for her continued support in advocating for greater inclusion in the government, reaffirming their commitment to collective progress.

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