Sex On Valentine’s Day Might Not Bring Marriage – Actress Eucharia Anunobi Advises Ladies


Renowned Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi has issued a warning to single ladies, emphasizing that Valentine’s Day bedroom styles may not guarantee a lasting commitment or marriage.

Eucharia, known for her candid perspectives, expressed concern about the pressure on women to engage in specific intimate acts during the Valentine’s season. She urged them to reconsider the notion that such gestures alone could secure a marital bond.

The actress stressed that despite the creativity or intensity of bedroom styles, marriage is not solely determined by intimate encounters. She questioned the common belief that satisfying a man sexually would lead to marriage, highlighting that this misconception fails to explain the relationship choices made by others.

Eucharia empathized with single ladies who might have felt restless in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, caught up in planning various intimate scenarios.

She urged them to pause and reflect, challenging the assumption that romantic encounters are the key to securing a lifelong commitment.

The actress also directed her advice to men, cautioning against the pursuit of transient pleasures during the Valentine’s season.

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She advocated for a shift in focus, encouraging individuals to seek committed relationships rather than indulging in casual encounters.

Eucharia concluded by emphasizing that Valentine’s Day is intended for married couples, urging those who are single to prioritize building meaningful connections rather than engaging in fleeting moments of passion.

“And for you men, you have gone to mix and match, getting all pumped up for the Olympic marathon, to desecrate the daughters of Zion because it is Valentine. If you want s3x, go and get married. Stop demanding s3x from a lady you are not married to and your single pringles, Valentine is not for you. It is for married people,” she wrote.

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