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Shehu Sani Criticizes Inquiry into President Tinubu’s Whereabouts


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Renowned Nigerian politician and former senator, Shehu Sani, has sparked controversy with his recent remarks concerning President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s whereabouts.

Sani on his verified X handle on Sunday, questioned the public’s interest in the president’s location, urging citizens to allow him to rest during his time in Europe.

Speaking candidly, Sani remarked, “Why are you asking about the whereabouts of Mr. President; Allow him to rest in Europe. If he comes back home now and removes the subsidy on something or jerks up the price of another thing, una go de complain.”

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Sani’s statement reflects a broader sentiment among some Nigerians regarding the public’s scrutiny of political figures and their activities, especially during periods of relaxation or official visits abroad.

However, his comments have ignited a debate on social media platforms, with some criticizing his stance as dismissive of the public’s right to know about the president’s engagements and whereabouts, especially given the country’s pressing socio-economic issues.

As the discussion continues to unfold, it underscores the delicate balance between respecting the privacy of public officials and ensuring transparency and accountability in governance.


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