Shettima Expresses Confidence In Ododo


Alhaji Usman Ododo was sworn in on Saturday as the fifth executive governor of Kogi State, Vice President Kashim Shettima has expressed the absolute confidence of the President Bola Tinubu administration in him (Ododo) to deliver the dividends of good governance to the people of the state.

According to a statement issued on Saturday by his Senior Special Assistant on Media & Communications, Stanley Nkwocha, the vice president gave the commendation while speaking during Ododo’s inauguration at the Muhammadu Buhari Square in Lokoja, the state capital yesterday.

Delivering his speech entitled, “Standing Together, Standing for the People,” the vice president conveyed what he described as the heartfelt goodwill of President Tinubu to the people of Kogi State, saying the president holds absolute confidence in Ododo as the new helmsman of the state.

He said the “change of baton from one progressive to another will not disrupt the dividends of good governance”, noting that “Kogi State remains bound by the ideals and promises of a unified council of leaders and the largest party in Africa,” the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He stated: “The president remains committed to collaborating to optimize the vast potentials of Kogi State and bring to fruition the aspirations of its illustrious people.

This historic day is not an orphan; it is born from a collection of sacrifices and an inventory of commitments to serve the people. This historic day is the ultimate demonstration of faith in Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, a man fit for the shoes he is about to step into.”

While describing the state’s outgoing governor, Yahaya Bello, as an “indefatigable White Lion, the vice-president pointed out that the historic inauguration of Ododo as his successor “is an eloquent referendum on Bello’s stewardship”.

“We are not here by accident, for none of us would ever escape our destiny. It’s this fatalism in our service to humanity that inspires our humility to stay on track. We are here merely because we are chosen by the people to represent their ideals.

“While political parties embody ideologies, it is the people who uphold the value system that appeals to our humanity, and Kogi State is fortunate to have our trusted patriots safeguarding their interests,” he added.

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The VP further observed that Ododo is stepping in as the next governor of Kogi at a time when it may seem difficult “to assume a leadership position in Nigeria, especially as Nigeria adjusts to geopolitical events that have exerted pressure on our economy and the inherited greed and grievances that have threatened our national security”.

He however implored the governor not to despair, averring that while “it is precisely during these tumultuous times that a leader of note proves their resilience,” it is the same resilience that sets Nigerian leaders apart, as they navigate through challenges that shape the nation’s collective destiny.

In his inaugural speech, the new governor, Ododo, pledged to build on the achievements of his predecessor to move the state forward.

The governor said, “There would no longer be politics of bitterness in the State as thought us by President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

“I will build on the solid foundation of unity existing in the state. I will strive not to undermine the trust placed in him to lead the people of the State. I promise to govern with the fear of God, fairness, equity, and justice,” Governor Ododo promised.

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He further urged the people to choose unity and togetherness, just as he

promised to sustain the ideals of the state’s founding fathers and deliver their dreams for the state.

Towards ensuring a sense of belonging, Governor Ododo assured that the charter of power of rotation that would ensure inclusivity would be worked upon.

“I shall hit the ground running with programs that would have the well-being of our people, with accountability, and transparency as our driving force. I will open the State to become the investors’ hub under a well robust Public, Private Partnership. My administration will strive to make the State attractive and an investment destination.

“Under my administration, more homes will be built. More businesses will spring up. Our farmland will be made flourishing. Our school will be filled. Teachers will smile. Youths will be enterprising. Women would be gainfully engaged.

“Let it be said that once upon a time when our will was tested, we strived for unity for the future generation of all Kogites. Our administration will strive to complete all ongoing projects, focus on solid Minerals, Steel Development, Marine and digital economy,” he declared.

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