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Solomon Buchi Mocks Justin Dean for Daughter’s Twerking Incident


Relationship adviser Solomon Buchi has taken a jab at American chiropractor Justin Dean, criticizing him for lamenting over his 4-year-old daughter twerking like her mother, Korra Obidi.

In response to Dean’s Facebook post expressing discomfort at his daughter’s suggestive dancing, Buchi mocked Dean’s decision to marry Korra, calling it “myopic.”

Buchi argued that men often overlook the potential negative influence their partners may have on their children, emphasizing the importance of considering the future impact when choosing a spouse.

He quipped, “You wanna marry a baddie, but you don’t want a baddie daughter? My brother, baddie begets baddie.”

“When choosing a wife, remember that you’re also choosing the mother of your children, and if you can’t handle the reality of having daughters like your wife, she’s the wrong one. Baddie can only beget baddie.”


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