Sule Responds to Falana: Nasarawa Stampede Not Government Negligence


Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has regretted the deaths of two students of the Nasarawa State University during a palliative distribution stampede in the school.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Governor Sule refuted claims by human rights activist Femi Falana, asserting that the unfortunate stampede during a palliative distribution was not due to government negligence or poor planning, but rather an unforeseen circumstance.

The governor’s administration had initiated the distribution of essential items to students, including two 7.5 kg bags of rice and N5,000 each, as part of its palliative efforts.

However, the distribution event took a tragic turn as a stampede occurred, resulting in the untimely deaths of Grace Danladi and Rose Micheal, with several others sustaining injuries.

Meanwhile,Falana subsequently said the distribution exercise was not well-organised, hence the avoidable tragedy, and demanded compensation for the families of the victims.

In response,Governor Sule maintained that the incident was isolated and unforeseeable, emphasizing the smooth conduct of similar distributions at eight other locations.

“It’s very unfortunate that it happened but it had nothing to do with any planning, it has nothing to do with any negligence. We have been to eight places. It was the last place, which would have been the ninth institution that we went. So, all these other places that we went, everything went so smooth.”

Governor Sule clarified that the stampede was not a result of inadequate planning, but rather stemmed from students’ anxiety over perceived discrepancies in the distribution process.

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Moreso,He expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives and rejected attempts to politicize the tragedy, highlighting the government’s immediate response in engaging with affected families and offering condolences.

“We are very sad that two students died. We are talking with the families. So, for somebody to politicise it? It’s unfortunate that we are in a country where everybody looks at a tragedy and politicise it.

Additionally,Governor Sule assured them of the government’s support through various forms of assistance. While ruling out the term “compensation” due to the absence of government negligence, he pledged to provide aid to the affected families.

“We are going to support the family with some form of assistance but I am not going to use the word, ‘compensation’ because it’s not something that happened on the part of negligence by government,” Sule stated.

However, the governor revealed that his deputy and commissioners had already visited the families to convey condolences and offer support during their time of mourning.

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