The Labour Party’s dilemma worsens as the national treasurer receives a six-month suspension for accusing Abure of embezzling N3.5 billion


Oluchi Opara, the National Treasurer of the Labour Party, has been suspended for six months by the National Working Committee of the party.

At a news conference held on Wednesday at the party secretariat in Abuja, the suspension was declared.

During a news conference on Monday, Opara had pressed LP National Chairman Julius Abure to explain the N3.5 billion that was purportedly raised through the sale of nomination forms and other fundraising efforts in the run-up to the general election of 2023.

Speaking on Tuesday’s “Good Morning Show” on Arise TV, Opara reiterated the assertion that the Abure-led NWC collaborates closely with the Peoples Democratic Party-run Edo State government.

In response to her accusations on Wednesday, Obiora Ifoh, the LP’s National Publicity Secretary, called Opara a mole that the party’s dissidents were using.

The party’s NWC invited her to resolve the conflict, but she declined, the spokesman informed reporters, which is why she was sanctioned.

“The Labour Party was marked for total annihilation by the system after the 2023 general election for daring to upend the status quo of the political class,” he declared. We were unaware that the fumigation process was far from finished until late last year, when we received indications that our National Treasurer, Ms. Oluchi Opara, a crucial executive member, was actually a mole in the house and had been maintaining connections with the expelled party leadership members.

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Based on the belief that the treasurer is trying to kill our beloved party, an emergency NWC meeting was called for on February 13. Following the meeting, the NWC established a disciplinary committee to investigate Opara’s allegations of defaming the party.

In order to conduct a fair hearing and execute its rights under the party’s constitution, the NWC invited her to come before it today, February 14, by 10 a.m., to talk about the development. The party expresses sadness that the treasurer declined the disciplinary committee’s invitation to clarify her record.

“We regard this as a slight to the leadership of the party and the millions of members who are witnessing the trolling of their party’s reputation, which they have worked so hard to cultivate, by a single ungrateful person.

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Nonetheless, the NWC, the party’s National Executive Council, received a recommendation from the disciplinary committee that Ms. Oluchi Opara be barred from the Labour Party for a minimum of six months. This suspension is effective immediately.

“We sincerely regret this development,” the statement continued. But we implore our thronging members to realize that this is a necessary cost of achievement. We’ll keep reorganizing the party till we get the greatest results, sufficient to advance our New Nigeria agenda.

Attempts to get in touch with Opara to inquire about her suspension were fruitless.

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