Tinubu Urges ECOWAS to Re-Evaluate Approach to Crisis-Stricken Member States


President Bola Tinubu, also serving as the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), has called for a reassessment of the organization’s strategy towards upholding constitutional order in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Niger.

Speaking from Abuja during the summit’s opening, President Tinubu emphasized the necessity for bold decisions amidst the challenging circumstances prevailing in the region.

Also, He urged three membership states contemplating withdrawal from ECOWAS to reconsider their stance, urging them to view the union as a partner rather than an adversary in addressing shared challenges.

“Demanding times such as these underscore the need for courageous decisions that place the welfare of our people at the forefront of our considerations,” stated President Tinubu, highlighting the essence of democracy as the framework for addressing fundamental needs and aspirations of citizens.

Recognizing the complexities inherent in the issues at hand, President Tinubu stressed the importance of a comprehensive and collaborative approach.

Meanwhile,He called upon leaders to engage in constructive dialogue, exercise prudent judgment, and collectively work towards enduring solutions that foster peace, security, and political stability in the region.

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However,President Tinubu concluded his address by reaffirming the weight of leadership responsibilities in navigating through challenging times. He emphasized the significance of unity, shared vision, and collective action in addressing the region’s challenges.

“Accordingly, it is incumbent upon us to engage in constructive dialogue, exercise prudent judgment, and work collectively towards finding enduring solutions that will lead to sustainable peace and security as well as political stability in our region”.

“The gravity of our responsibilities as leaders in these challenging times cannot be overstated and it is through our concerted efforts and a deep sense of history that we can address these challenges in the spirit of shared vision, solidarity and collective responsibilities,” he said”.

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