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Tinubu Urges International Cooperation Against Terrorism in Nigeria


Tinubu Urges International Cooperation Against Terrorism in Nigeria


Afor Kenneth

President Bola Tinubu met with envoys from Pakistan, Greece, and Egypt on Friday, urging them to work with the Nigerian government to combat terrorism.

Receiving their letters of credence at the State House in Abuja, Tinubu reiterated Nigeria’s crucial role as a peacemaker in Africa, emphasizing its commitment to stability on the continent. He emphasized the importance of international collaboration in addressing terrorism and violent extremism.

“We must do more to stop extremists. We need to enhance our collaboration and exchange of ideas and knowledge in these areas,” Tinubu charged the High Commissioner of Pakistan, Major-General Sohail Ahmed Khan (retired).

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“As a government, we will keep an open-door policy with countries and development partners on enhancing cooperation on security, economy, education, and the information and communication technology sector where the Minister is doing very well. How can we improve our bilateral relationship? We must do more.”

President Tinubu highlighted the invaluable military background of the Ambassador, emphasizing its significance in fostering dialogue to enhance security and defense cooperation.

Speaking to the Egyptian Ambassador, Mohamed Ahmed, Tinubu stressed the mutual dedication of Nigeria and Egypt to advancing global peace and stability through cooperation within international bodies like the United Nations.

He noted the longstanding diplomatic relations between the two nations since 1961 and their joint efforts in addressing crucial international issues such as regional peace, security, and stability. The discussions also delved into the current situations in the Sahel and Sudan.

Acknowledging Egypt’s role towards a truce in the crisis in Gaza, President Tinubu said: “We need to do more. Stability in the region is of paramount importance.”

During a distinct meeting with Ambassador Athanasios Kotsionis of Greece, President Tinubu reiterated his administration’s dedication to an inclusive policy that fosters cooperation and advancement for all.

He reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to enhancing bilateral ties with Greece and fostering collaborative efforts to tackle shared challenges. President Tinubu assured the Greek Ambassador of Nigeria’s determination to create a conducive environment for socio-economic progress and development.

“Nigeria and Greece have good historic ties. We have shared priorities, including promoting democracy, and there is room to expand cooperation.

“The economic situation in Africa and Europe is still very unbalanced. We should build on the opportunities from our challenges and strengthen relations between the two countries.

“What I expect is an improvement in the relationship between both countries, and I look forward to us working on that.

“Our government is about renewed hope. Nigeria will continue to play its role as a stabilizer on the continent,” Tinubu said.


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