Tinubu’s Decision To Shelve His 72nd Birthday Celebration Amidst Nigeria’s Security Crisis Should Be Followed With Actions To Curb The Menace


In light of the recent troubling events in Nigeria, where the lives of innocent citizens and security personnel continue to be lost to senseless nonstate actors – gunmen and criminal elements, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s decision to forego his 72nd birthday celebrations on Friday, March 29, 2023 is both commendable and reflective of a leader attuned to the gravity of the situation.

The President’s call to his friends and associates to refrain from sending him birthday wishes speaks volumes about his empathy and solidarity with the victims of the recent attacks, and it sets an example of humility and concern for the nation’s well-being.

It is heartening to see a leader like President Tinubu prioritize the collective mourning and reflection needed in such challenging times over personal celebrations. In a country plagued by insecurity and violence, where every life lost is a tragedy that reverberates through families and communities, his gesture serves as a reminder of the weight of responsibility that comes with leadership.

However, commendable as this gesture is, words alone are not enough to address the deep-rooted issues of insecurity that continue to plague Nigeria. As citizens, we call on President Tinubu to match his empathetic words with decisive actions aimed at ensuring that the security of lives and properties in the country is not just a promise but a reality that every Nigerian can rely on.

The recent incidents in Delta State and Kaduna, where soldiers, police officers, and innocent school children have fallen victim to violence, highlight the urgent need for comprehensive and sustainable solutions to the security challenges facing the nation. It is a stark reminder that the time for lip service and half measures is long past, and what is required now is bold and concerted action.

President Tinubu, as a leader with influence and a platform to effect change, has a crucial role to play in steering the country towards a path of peace and stability. His decision to forgo personal celebrations must be mirrored by a commitment to implementing concrete strategies that will address the root causes of insecurity, strengthen security agencies, and ensure that justice is served for the victims of these heinous acts.

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We urge President Tinubu to work closely with security agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders to develop a holistic approach to tackling insecurity in Nigeria. This approach should prioritize intelligence gathering, proactive measures to prevent attacks, and robust responses to security threats when they occur. It should also include initiatives aimed at addressing the underlying factors that fuel violence, such as social inequality, economic hardship, and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

Furthermore, we call on President Tinubu to prioritize the welfare and capacity-building of security personnel who put their lives on the line every day to protect the country. Adequate training, equipment, and support systems are essential to enabling our security forces to effectively combat threats and ensure the safety of all Nigerians.

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While we commend President Tinubu for his decision to shelve his birthday celebrations in solidarity with the victims of recent attacks, we emphasize the need for actions that will translate empathy into tangible results. The security of our nation is a collective responsibility that requires the commitment and collaboration of all stakeholders, with leadership playing a pivotal role in guiding us towards a safer and more secure future.

Let us stand together in holding our leaders accountable and demanding the decisive action needed to address the scourge of insecurity that threatens the fabric of our society. May the sacrifices of the fallen not be in vain, and may their memories inspire us to work tirelessly towards a Nigeria where peace and security are not just aspirations but realities for all.

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