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Tragedy in Abia As Chinese Boss Allegedly Pushes Female Worker to Death


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Afor Kenneth

In a shocking incident at the Inner Galaxy company in Abia State, tragedy struck as a Chinese boss allegedly pushed Miss Ocheze, a female crane operator, to her death in the scrapyard of the company.

Reports indicate that Miss Ocheze had refused the sexual advances of her Chinese boss, which led to this tragic outcome.

Upon hearing the news of her death, the youths of Umuahala-Asa, her community, were outraged and immediately organized a protest march to the gates of the company. They demanded justice for Miss Ocheze and called for accountability from the company.

However, the situation took a dire turn when Nigerian Army personnel, who were guarding the company, responded to the protest by allegedly opening fire on the demonstrators. One of the protesters was critically injured and is currently fighting for his life in a local hospital.

The incident has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation across the state, with many calling for a thorough investigation into both the death of Miss Ocheze and the violent response by the Nigerian Army. Community leaders and human rights activists have demanded justice for the victims and accountability for the actions of both the company and the security forces involved.

Local authorities have assured the public that a full investigation will be conducted into the incident, and those responsible will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, tensions remain high in Umuahala-Asa as residents mourn the loss of Miss Ocheze and await further developments in the case.

The Inner Galaxy company has not yet responded to requests for comment on the incident.


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