Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
Transition in humans means the point at which someone goes from expressing one gender identity to their preferred gender identity.
Every human goes through transition from one stage to another. The last stage is at their old age.

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Transition in respect to having offspring in fulfillment of God purpose for creation it requires two couples having sexual intercourse, the sperm enters through the vagina. The sperm and uterus work together to move the sperm towards the fallopian tubes. If an egg is moving through the fallopian tubes at the same time, the egg and sperm join together. The sperm has up to six days to join with an egg before it dies. When a sperm cell joins with an egg, it is called fertilization. It is one of the many steps to create a pregnancy.

Six days after the fertilization, the fertilized egg implants into the woman’s uterine lining. If conception and implantation occur during the menstrual cycle around day 21, pregnancy happens.
During pregnancy, the embryo is considered a fetus. By 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus fills the entire uterus.
After nine months of pregnancy, a baby is born.
The newborn baby is unaware of the circumstances surrounding them, they just feel that they will be taken care of.

Stages in humans

Newborn (0-3 months)
Infant ( 3-12 months)
Toddler ( 1-3 years)
Preschool age ( 3-5 years)
Middle school age ( 5-10 years)
Teenagers (10-18 years)
Early Adulthood ( 18-45 years)
Middle Adulthood ( 46-65 years)
Late adulthood ( 66 and above)


Puberty is the process of physical growth where an adolescent reaches sexual maturity and is capable of reproduction. On average, puberty occurs between 8-13 in females and 9-14 in males. There are different changes in adolescents such as emotional and physical changes. Both the physical and emotional changes of puberty begin and end at different ages for each child. Physical changes in females include:

breasts start growing
Pubic hair around the private part
Body shape
Skin outbreaks
Menstrual cycle occurs
Growth in the private organs
Growth in the reproductive organs

Pubic hair
Voice change
Muscle growth
Enlargement of testicles and penis

Emotional changes include:

Changes in reasoning
Heightened emotions
Frequently changing emotions (Mood swings)
Having sexual thoughts and desires
Having a sexual attraction to the opposite sex

This is a necessary and crucial stage for a child because that is when she starts developing into a full-grown adult. The physical changes of puberty can cause emotional distress such as gender dysphoria. This is a process whereby a person can have challenges with his identity. A person may feel uncomfortable with their body or with the gender roles they are assigned to play.

Tips for Parents

Puberty is a crucial stage. The children need guidance from their parents. This is when sex education can be discussed by the parents. During puberty, many people begin to explore their sexuality and start to figure out whether they are bi-sexual, homosexual, or have another identity.
Although discussions of these might be awkward, it is very important to discuss. The teenagers can be best prepared for it and make it less challenging.

It is also important to use the right anatomical terms when having discussions. We are used to having nicknames for our body parts but it is a healthy practice to use the right word when educating them. This will help them to be more comfortable and confident about the changes.

As a parent, especially the mother, educate your girl child about how to take care of herself during the changes. At this stage, body odor can occur.
You can also train them on their emotions. Teach them about menstruation, and their reproductive organs. A girl child is more prone to sexuality than a male child.
Today, society capitalizes on women. They frown upon the immoralities of women and she becomes a topic.
Let us train, educate, and direct our children but don’t force them.


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