“What God Cannot Do Doesn’t Exist, A Silly Mantra” – Actor Patrick Doyle


Renowned Nigerian filmmaker and actor, Patrick Doyle, has taken aim at the widely embraced Christian slogan, “What God cannot do doesn’t exist,” labeling it as silly.

In a Facebook post, Doyle expressed his criticism, pointing out what he perceives as stubbornness among individuals who continue to fervently use the phrase despite its flaws.

Known for his candid opinions, Doyle highlighted his concerns over the persistence of this mantra within Christian circles.

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Despite its widespread acceptance, he argued that it fails to withstand scrutiny and urged for a more nuanced approach to matters of faith.

He said, “Some people are just too obstinate to admit their folly. Even after that slogan ‘What God cannot do doesn’t exist’ has been proven to be silly, they still continue to chant it”.

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