_BY Awoyale Sarah
You know after marriage comes reproduction. Reproduction refers to recreation. Both are the same words to define the process of multiplying and giving birth to offspring (children) in marriages. There is a biblical law that talks about children being the heritage of God and how the fruit of the womb is a reward Ps 127:3. Having children is considered the reward of marriage. Everyone is destined to multiply and reproduce, irrespective of their age. Do you know the story of Sarah? About the reproduction of Isaac in old age. Read Genesis 21:1-8. I have also heard of cases of women giving birth in old age when biologically there’s a case of menopause at that time. Do you think giving birth to children is just your work as a mother? No, the care of the children is the mother’s duty but she can be assisted by the father after all their sperm and egg develop into a child.

After the birth of your children, irrespective of their gender, there is a need to have sex education with them especially when they are reaching the age of puberty. The world changes fast, I have heard of pedophile cases. Young children being molested, you will be surprised that they haven’t gotten to the age of puberty. When growing up, once they are conscious of their environment, you can start telling them the don’ts which is
“ Hailey, don’t allow a boy to touch your butt in school (Show her the butt).
Hailey, don’t allow a boy to touch this part(Demonstrate it).
Hailey, don’t allow a boy to touch you with his mouth”

I have a friend who is a mother of two beautiful kids( a boy and a girl), they are about 4-5 years old. Whenever the girl is with us, when she does her usual troublemaking, I spank her on the butt. She will be like “ I don’t like it when you beat me on my butt”. I was shocked because (1) a small child was saying this to me, (2) what does she mean by such a statement?
You will be amazed how little children talk to you. There’s no fear in their own world, they say their words straight. When she said that, I was happy knowing that she didn’t like such things. Her parents had already done the needful, still grooming her.

Tell them the do’s and don’ts. Make them fully understand. The stage of puberty is a crucial one, the reproductive and sexual organs start enlarging. Don’t be surprised that at the age of 14, they can reproduce. Integrate them well, tell them how to behave at the sight of an opposite sex We have cases of the same gender committing immoralities, so let them know how to behave around other people.

And as a parent, you also must not commit a mistake. You are a mother, you gave birth to a boy child. Don’t make the mistake of dressing up, showing your nakedness in front of the child, you saying he doesn’t know anything but I tell you, the brains of children are very sensitive, they pick up what they see, what they learn. As a father also, don’t dress in front of a girl child. We all are mature in our way. But in my own opinion, I would prefer your children not to see your nakedness, I mean that’s why there is room for ourselves. We might not know what a child is up to, or what she can say outside, being children, they won’t know which words are not supposed to be said.

The best time for you to talk to your children is when they are growing up, and learning words. You don’t have to drop it on them just like that. Little by little, tell them according to their age so when they reach the puberty stage, it won’t be new to them. They will be taught in school, but it is part of your job as a parent to introduce them and let them know the full details. Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers in a child’s life.

Here is what to tell them:

How reproduction organs work.
Dangers of unwanted pregnancies.
What menstruation is all about.
How to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
What happens when the opposite sex has sexual intercourse?
What molestation entails.
If being molested, what do you do?
How to behave around other people.
How to protect your nakedness.
Dangers of showing your nakedness to other people.
Personal Hygiene.
How to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Do not stay away from this aspect of teaching. Don’t assume that they know about it because when it goes wrong, you will be involved in their problems. Be a good parent today and you will be proud of it at the end.


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