Why I Don’t Win Awards – Singer Yemi Alade


Renowned Afrobeat artiste Yemi Alade, known as the “Mama of Africa,” has revealed the obstacles she faced in winning awards, attributing her infrequent victories to the pressures she faced early in her career.

Alade disclosed that many men in the industry had sought to exploit her, creating a difficult environment for her to navigate.

The artiste shared her experiences, highlighting that her refusal to succumb to such advances may have hindered her recognition in the music industry, particularly at award ceremonies in Nigeria.

Despite her immense popularity and success, Alade lamented that she often finds herself excluded from award nominations, citing gender dynamics as a significant factor.

Alade emphasized her confusion over the disparity between her massive online following and her perceived lack of acknowledgment in award shows.

“As one of Nigeria’s most viewed and subscribed female artistes on YouTube, she raised questions about the criteria used for award nominations and selections, hinting at systemic biases within the industry.

“There was a time in the industry when everyone wanted to sleep with me and it was like, ‘Yemi, if you don’t do this, you won’t have that. Today men is the reason I don’t win award in Nigeria.

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“Going down with men was like a bridge I had to cross to get on some platforms, get some deals and even awards. When I made my decision never to engage in sexual activities for gains, lots of opportunities were automatically blocked for me.

“Ask yourself why Yemi Alade who is the most viewed and most subscribed Nigerian female artiste on YouTube gets almost no recognition from award shows year after year. Even during twitter debates, no one mentions Yemi Alade as one of the biggest female artistes in Nigeria.

“They really blocked everything for me. But I’m glad coz I have my dignity, I have my life, I’m making cool cash and above all, I have fans who love me so much”, she said.

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