Why Ladies Should Keep Their Virginity – Reno Omokri


Renowned media personality Reno Omokri has delivered a compelling message to single women, emphasizing the paramount importance of safeguarding their virginity.

In his recent advisory, Omokri underscored the virtues of abstinence and sexual purity, cautioning against entanglements with married men.

Highlighting the notion that material possessions offered by married men are attainable through personal endeavor, Omokri dispelled the allure of extramarital relationships.

He reassured single women that with time, they could acquire luxuries such as cars, iPhones, international trips, and even bone-straight hair independently, without compromising their moral integrity.

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In his message shared via X, Omokri encouraged single women to resist societal pressures and peer influence, urging them to prioritize their long-term well-being over short-lived temptations.

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He emphasized the irreplaceable value of preserving one’s virginity, asserting that while material possessions may be flaunted by others, the purity of character endures as an invaluable asset.

He wrote:

“Dear single ladies, given time, there is nothing a married man can give you to lure you into extramarital sex that you can’t get by yourself, including: Car, iPhone, Trip abroad

“Keep your virginity, even if your ‘friends’ flaunt what their sugar daddies bought them. You can buy those things later, but they can’t buy virginity later!”

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