In this context, I will be talking about womanhood. Our beings, duties, responsibilities, who we are, what we can do. We all know that women are seen as weaker vessels, we are created in our way. Our capabilities and abilities will be mentioned. Let us go on this journey together!!

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In the beginning, when Adam was created alongside the creatures. He was granted dominion over them. God saw that everything was good but he noticed there was no one to help Adam. Genesis 2:20-23, females were created as helpmeets.

Women as beings

We were born as a baby girl, seen as weaker vessels. In the olden days, women were trained to be in the kitchen, to serve their husbands. Education wasn’t part of our world, the birth of girls was monitored. Having boys to girls was important, we were not taken care of well, and we were seen as waste. Most of the young girls were married off, they were used as an exchange e.g. A 14-year-old girl can be married off to a rich 50-year-old man. They believed that it was a man’s job to be responsible for the finances while the woman was allowed to give birth, take care, and cook for them. Men were polygamous during that period. Women were not permitted to stand up for themselves, or make decisions. Throughout most of history, women generally had fewer legal rights and career opportunities. Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as women’s most significant professions.

Modern world

Women have worked and exercised their rights. We have erased the fact that we don’t only belong to the kitchen, and take care of the home but also work, we participate in assisting our husbands. ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better’ has worked for us. Many women are in a better position, in most occupations, women are making waves. We strive to become more than what society thinks about us. We don’t believe that what men can do, women can’t be involved. Even the occupations meant for men, you will see a woman doing it. There is no discrimination in rights, both children are born equal. Both children are trained in both duties:
Females are assigned to take care of the home, and do household duties. Now, the male children are also trained to do the same way.


We are created to become a wife and mother. A woman leaves her family to join and live with a man she calls her husband. After the wedding, they live together as couples. When a woman gets married, the home is her responsibility to keep. Watching over the husband and children, both of them coming together to direct the affairs of the home.

The woman has been ordained to carry pregnancy to full term and give birth to children. The home depends on them because the husband and children are in their care. I have seen cases where a woman lost her husband and took care of the children without remarriage but the men after losing their wives, majority of them remarry to take care of their children. It is the woman’s responsibility to submit to their husbands(Ephesians 5:22-23). Submission to him means you should respect his decision as a leader, humbly sharing your opinion with him. Not invalidating him in front of others. When a marriage fails, society will blame the woman, they don’t want to know about the man’s offense. Nowadays, most women are suffering in their marriage. It is either their husbands cheating on them, marrying a new woman, or their husbands becoming abusive towards them. Some wives are beaten by their husbands, and most of them remain in the marriage for the benefit of their children.

To be continued….


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