Yemi Solade Reveals Why He Stopped Chasing After Politicians


Nollywood actor Yemi Solade has shared insights into why he has chosen to refrain from pursuing Nigerian politicians for personal gain.

He revealed this in an interview with Gboha TV.

Solade emphasized that the deceptive nature of politicians and their tendency to pursue romantic relationships with female Nollywood stars led him to reconsider his involvement.

The thespian highlighted that politicians, including high-profile figures like President Bola Tinubu and Governor Sanwo-Olu, have established professions outside of politics, viewing the political arena as merely a game.

Solade firmly stated, “I will not be running around for one politician; they are full of lies and deceit.”

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Expressing a shift in perspective, Solade discouraged his fellow movie practitioners from engaging in political pursuits solely for financial gain.

He asserted, “They are the ones that should be running after us, not the other way round. I don’t lick the feet of any of them. The only thing they know how to do is to be sleeping with our actresses.”

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