Your Failure To Pay The Minimum Wage, Contributed To Economic Hardship, FG Knocks PDP Govs


The federal government has attributed Nigerians’ economic woes to the governors chosen on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform.

“It is a truth that since the minimum wage went into force more than 4 years ago, several PDP governors have not given their employees the N30,000 minimum pay. Mohammed Idris, the minister of information and national orientation, stated on Tuesday that “all of these anomalies in their states contribute significantly to the economic pressure their citizens face.”

The minister’s remarks followed the PDP governors’ criticism of the naira’s fast slide and its repercussions, which included a comparison of the nation’s economic and security issues to those of Venezuela.

“Though our country is going through some rough patches, which are being addressed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, our situation is nowhere near what is happening in Venezuela,” the minister responded.

Additionally, he urged Nigerians to find out from the PDP governors how and to what extent they have used the extra funds to improve the lot of Nigerians in their own states.

Idris said that the opposition party had to address state-related concerns if they cared about the welfare of the populace.

We implore PDP governors to fulfill their responsibilities if they truly care about the quality of life for Nigerians and are not only sowing seeds of discontent and animosity toward the federal government.

The minister added that despite Nigerians’ struggles, the President was actively looking for long-term solutions.

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President Tinubu’s administration, under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress, is making a lot of effort to address the problems at hand. The President and his security chiefs are collaborating to eradicate any security risks that may be present within our borders, and the number of terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers who have been apprehended or slain in the last few weeks is evidence of this. Over 700 kidnapped Nigerians have been freed from captivity, which is evidence of the efficacy of the efforts.

“The Central Bank is tackling the issue of currency rate volatility, and we are starting to see stability that will ultimately lead to the naira’s real worth versus the US dollar and other convertible currencies rising”.

“In order to revitalize our economy for the benefit of all Nigerians, we implore the PDP governors to join their colleagues in the Nigerian Governors Forum, who are working alongside President Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima,” he stated.

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