Actress Sola Sobowale’s Adopted Daughter Undergoes Surgery


Actress Sola Sobowale’s adopted daughter, Jimoh Oriyomi, who is battling sickle cell disease, has undergone a successful surgery on her shoulder.

The heartwarming news was shared by Sola herself on Instagram, where she expressed gratitude to her followers for their donations towards the procedure.

Initially, Jimoh’s health challenge was disclosed by Sola on February 11, revealing her diagnosis of Avascular necrosis (AVN) in her right hip and shoulder.

The operation for both areas incurred significant costs, with the hip surgery already completed through generous contributions.

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Despite the success of the shoulder surgery, Jimoh’s journey to recovery faced a new obstacle as she was admitted due to an infection.

Sola continued to appeal for support to ensure Jimoh’s safety and well-being.

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The actress reiterated her plea for assistance, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in aiding Jimoh’s recovery.

She wrote: “I called for aid and you answered, God will always meet you at your point of need. Jimoh Oriyomis surgery was successful and she sent this video to thank you all.

“Bless you all. As we speak she has been admitted because of an infection and needs more aid. Please let’s continue and keep Oriyomi safe. 0177232481GTbank Jimoh Oriyomi Salimot.”

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