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AGN Refutes Allegations of Mercy Johnson’s Involvement in Boat Accident


In response to recent claims circulating on social media, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has issued a statement debunking allegations that actress Mercy Johnson was involved in the tragic boat accident that claimed the lives of Junior Pope and others.

The statement, signed by AGN’s secretary Abubakar Yakubu, clarified that Mercy Johnson was not aboard the ill-fated boat.

The confusion arose when survivor Thank God Ikoma mentioned a person named Emeka, who had served as a personal assistant to Mercy Johnson in the past, during a thanksgiving service.

However, AGN clarified that this Emeka, popularly known as “Emeka Mercy Johnson,” was not referring to the actress.

The guild condemned the malicious misinterpretation of Ikoma’s statement by a blogger, labeling it as false, baseless, and unfounded. AGN urged the public, Mercy Johnson’s fans, and its members to disregard the rumors, emphasizing that Mercy Johnson was not involved in the tragic incident.

AGN emphasized that such misinformation was an attempt to tarnish the actress’s reputation and urged everyone to ignore and reject such fabrications.


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