Angel Finally Reacts To Break Up Rumours With Soma


Big Brother Naija star Angel Smith has spoken out regarding her alleged breakup with fellow contestant Soma.

The speculation gained traction after Angel unfollowed Soma on social media and he modified his birthday message to her by removing the term “love.”

Addressing the situation on the X platform, Angel denounced the rumours as a form of cyberbullying, revealing that she has been subjected to online harassment since 2021.

Asserting that even if the breakup were true, she urged fans to respect their privacy and emphasized that they have not engaged in public disputes.

In a candid statement, Angel expressed frustration with the relentless scrutiny, urging critics to refrain from passing judgment without evidence and highlighting the importance of mutual respect in personal matters.

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She wrote, “You guys have been bullying me since 2021, for no reason. Even the things you guys accused me of are untrue. I still haven’t said a word. You don’t like me, I have heard, I’m a bad girl, I have heard. Honestly shut the hell up.

“Even if we broke up, so????? If that were the case? Did you see us dragging ourselves online, you people are in relationships you can only tell God about and you have the audacity. Idiots.

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