Blessing CEO Advises Gays in Nigeria to Hide Their Sexuality


In the latest episode of her TV show, Moments With Blessing CEO, Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, has stirred controversy by advising gays in Nigeria to keep their sexuality hidden from the public eye, suggesting they take it to their graves.

Citing societal condemnation and the stereotypical nature of Nigerian society, Blessing emphasized the risks associated with openly revealing one’s homosexuality, urging individuals to bury their sexual orientation to avoid backlash.

According to Blessing, who identifies herself as a relationship coach, she claimed that many men in major Nigerian cities, such as Abuja and Lagos, engage in homosexual activities discreetly, often referred to as “gay for pay.”

She distinguished between crossdressers and what she termed as “gays,” associating the latter with men possessing muscular physiques akin to gym instructors.

Furthermore, Blessing alleged that some women are aware of their husbands’ homosexual or bisexual inclinations but choose to conceal them due to perceived benefits, adding another layer to the complexities of relationships in Nigerian society.

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She said:

“If you are a homosexual, hide it, bury it and take it to your grave because the society condemns it.

“Abuja and Lagos men are homosexual. They called it gay for pay. The gays are not the crossdressers. The gays are the ones that have muscles like gym instructors.

“some women are still covering their homosexual or bisexual husbands because of the benefits.”

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