No Man Has Asked Me What I Bring To The Table – Yetunde Bakare


Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare has shared insights into relationship dynamics and economic challenges facing Nigerians.

Bakare expressed her views on the question some men pose to women about what they bring to the table in a relationship.

She emphasized that no man has ever asked her that question, suggesting that it might reflect a perception of the woman’s potential by the man.

According to the actress, men may ask such questions if they perceive their partners as lacking vision, purpose, or the ability to sustain a certain lifestyle independently. She suggested that it could serve as a justification for the man to reconsider the relationship.

She said, “I personally think that is not a general question. Nobody has ever asked me that. I feel men often ask such questions when they don’t see the woman they are with as someone who has potential.

“He might have studied her and realised that she does not have foresight, or that she lacks vision and purpose.

“He might also see her as someone who is more interested in a luxury lifestyle that she cannot afford on her own. I feel it is just an excuse for the man to let such a woman go.”

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Transitioning to the economic landscape, Bakare voiced concerns about the rising cost of living in Nigeria.

She highlighted the challenges faced by individuals trying to support large families on fixed incomes, stressing the urgent need for government intervention.

Reflecting on the current economic strain, Bakare remarked on the increasing pressure pushing people towards depression, advocating for relief policies to alleviate the financial burden on Nigerians.

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