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Singer Khaid deactivates Instagram account amid illness


Amidst ongoing health struggles, singer Khaid has deactivated his Instagram account, leaving fans concerned about his well-being.

The move comes weeks after Khaid’s hospitalization, with many noticing his absence from the photo-sharing platform.

The news sparked varied reactions, with some expressing skepticism, suggesting it could be a publicity stunt for his upcoming album.

Funmi Kelly voiced doubts, questioning if this was a strategic move for Khaid’s new release, reminiscent of “The Return of Mohbad.”

Others, like Cute Mikky, urged Khaid to focus on releasing the album rather than prolonging anticipation.

Despite the speculation, there were genuine expressions of concern from fans like Heis Kolla Cashh, who hoped for Khaid’s swift recovery.

However, amidst the well-wishes, skepticism persisted, as evidenced by Lolly4pl’s comment dismissing the situation as a mere publicity stunt.

In contrast, Ajibola Aa emphasized the need for Khaid to prioritize his health over releasing new music, highlighting the importance of recuperation.

The uncertainty surrounding Khaid’s condition reflects the mixed sentiments among fans, underscoring the delicate balance between artistic endeavors and personal well-being.


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