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Uche Ogbodo Advocates for Intra-Industry Marriages


Renowed Nollywood star Uche Ogbodo sparked a conversation within the industry by advocating for intra-industry marriages.

Ogbodo encouraged her colleagues to consider marrying within the confines of Nollywood, emphasizing that fellow actors and actresses comprehend the demands and intricacies of the profession better than outsiders.

Asserting her stance, Ogbodo declared, “Nollywood actresses make the best wives,” underlining the unique understanding and compatibility shared among individuals in the industry.

She further endorsed her belief by revealing her own marital status, stating that she herself is married to an actor.

“My advice to Nollywood actors or actresses looking for a life partner. Look within the industry, husband full there, wife full.

“Marry yourselves. Your fellow actor understands you and your job better than an outsider. Besides Nollywood actresses make the best wives. Argue with yourself if you no gree.”


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