Bovi Exposes How His Wife Deceived Him With Her Age


Popular comedian Bovi Ugboma has left fans in stitches after hilariously revealing how his wife deceived him into marriage by sharing her ID card, which suggests she might be older than him.

Taking to Instagram, Bovi posted a snapshot of his wife’s driving permit, indicating a birth date of 1949, prompting playful speculation about her age.

In jest, Bovi admitted he always had a sneaking suspicion that his wife might be older, suggesting she duped him into marriage with her youthful charm.

The post sparked a flurry of amusing comments from fans, with many praising Bovi for his humour and the couple’s chemistry.

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While some joked about Bovi’s resemblance to his wife’s father, others lauded his sense of humor and urged him to stay put in the marriage.

One commenter even quipped about the possibility of the ID being a mistake from the ID maker, adding to the lighthearted banter.

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