Mohbad’s father Blasts critics attacking him for wearing his son’s clothes


Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad has addressed backlashes after being seen on multiple occasions wearing the clothes of his late son.

Following the demise of the singer some months ago, his father has been through a wave of backlashes including a DNA request from his daughter-in-law, the early burial of his late son, properties, and many others.

In a recent interview hosted by a TikTok influencer @kachi_wire_, Mohbad’s father addressed the allegations of wearing the clothes of his late son.

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According to Mr Aloba, he and his late share the same sizes of outfits and it is ridiculous for people to have an issue with him for wearing his outfits.

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He concluded by stating that his focus is to get justice for his son rather than being distracted by the ‘rubbish’ people have to say.

“Mohbad is my son and I can wear his clothes, we both wear the same size of clothes, anybody that doesn’t like the fact that I am wearing my late son’s clothes is free to say whatever they like, my only focus right now is To get justice for my late son,” he said partly.

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