Deteriorating Impact of Governmental Intolerance: Addressing the Issue


The issue of intolerance within the hierarchy of Nigerian politics, particularly regarding the succession of presidents and governors by their subordinates, is something of importance and relevance and affects political stability in governance.

Such conflicts often stem from power struggles, personal differences, or disagreements over succession plans, highlighting the lack of institutional mechanisms to manage leadership transitions smoothly.

Some cases such as Obasanjo and Atiku, Akeredolu and his deputy, and more recently in Edo state, reflect a systemic challenge that often culminates in impeachments and political turmoil in government, especially Nigeria.

Starting with the case of Obasanjo and Atiku, their relationship soured as Atiku, then Vice President, sought to succeed Obasanjo as president.

However, Obasanjo opposed Atiku’s bid, leading to a power struggle within the ruling party and ultimately causing Atiku to defect to an opposition party. The conflict not only divided the ruling party but also showed the personal and political hostility among Nigeria’s political leaders.

Similarly, in the case of Akeredolu and his deputy, the strained relationship between the governor and his deputy reached a point later resulting in the deputy’s impeachment.

The situation in Edo state further explains the situation where the governor and his deputy became embroiled in a bitter feud, leading to the deputy’s impeachment. The fight for power not only made the state government unstable but also made people lose trust in the politicians’ capability to lead effectively.

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Meanwhile,beyond the presidential and gubernatorial levels, this intolerance extends to other political offices, as seen in the case of Okorocha and Madumere in Imo state.

Also,Okorocha’s refusal to support his deputy’s gubernatorial ambitions resulted in a rift within the ruling party and ultimately led to Madumere’s impeachment,this also explains the struggle for Power in the political system.

However,These examples show how intolerance is widespread in Nigeria’s politics, harming governance, democracy, and stability. To fix this, we need political changes that make transitions fair and open. Also, it’s important to promote respect for rules and democratic values to build a stronger political system in Nigeria.

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