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“Everybody Loves Jenifa” by Funke Akindele to Premiere in December


Nigerian filmmaker Funke Akindele is set to captivate audiences once again with her upcoming film, “Everybody Loves Jenifa,” slated for release in December.

Derived from her popular television comedy series, “Jenifa’s Diary,” which debuted in 2015, the new movie promises to reignite the charm of the beloved character.

Akindele took to her Instagram page to announce the production of the film, teasing fans with the message, “It has been long you saw Jenifa.”

“Everybody Loves Jenifa” is the latest addition to the Jenifa franchise, known for its portrayal of the naive yet endearing character, Jenifa.

The franchise, which kicked off in 2008 with the original “Jenifa” film, has since expanded with sequels and spin-offs like “Return of Jenifa” (2011), “Aiyetoro Town” (2019), and “Jenifa on Lockdown” (2021).

Akindele’s portrayal of Jenifa propelled her to fame, earning her accolades such as the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2009.

She further solidified her status as a comedy icon, winning the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy multiple times.

Despite facing challenges early in her career, including bullying and rejection based on her appearance, Akindele persevered and emerged as a powerhouse in Nollywood.

Her contributions extend beyond acting, with involvement in various productions like “Industreet,” “She Must Be Obeyed,” and “A Tribe Called Judah.”

With her unwavering talent and dedication, Akindele continues to inspire and entertain audiences, cementing her legacy as one of Nollywood’s leading figures.


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